About Our Shop

The Friendly Traveler is a pet carrier designed with your pet's comfort in mind.  In fact, your pet will not recognize it as a carrier and will happily go in and travel with you wherever you want to take him.  Even to the veterinarian's office.  The design elements make is safe, stylish, pet friendly, human friendly, fun, comfortable, handmade, a conversation starter and it's the perfect gift for animal lovers everywhere!

How to Purchase 

If you have any questions or are interested in purchasing one of our beautiful carriers please email us at



Dr. Sharon Eisen DVM. and P.J. Raymond

Dr. Eisen and Ms. Raymond have collaborated to make two of the most perfect pet carriers around.  They are comfortable, cozy, well made and stylish.  Your pet will be a happy camper traveling in one of the two designs they created.

Dr. Eisen is a Veterinarian, author, and a diehard animal lover. Check out her book Cat Tales: A True Love Story!

P.J. Raymond is a Veterinarian Technician, animal lover, and artist who has worked with many medias including clay and fibers.

Unparalleled Style

Winning style awards at the recent 2014 Westchester New York Cat Show, The Friendly Traveler is already making big waves with pet owners everywhere. The Friendly Traveler will also be a sponsor for the 2015 New York Pet Fashion Show. We have also been featured on Animal Planet's Too Cute.